One Punch Man Chapter 96 – Flashy Flash Real Form


One punch man Chapter 143

Chapter: One Punch Man Chapter 96

Release Date: 22- September

Status: Aired

One Punch man manga chapter 95 has blown our mind, seeing Flashy Flash in action. We were all expecting to see King & Saitama in this chapter, but it seems like the author wants to focus more on other characters & underground war in upcoming few chapters.

There was no link about other characters in this chapter, but seeing Flashy was another level experience. We saw 2 new characters in this chapter, Fellfire Flame & Gale Wind. Both the villains are as powerful as Flashy Flash. We saw how both of the tries to kill Flashy, but don’t succeed. Also seeing Flashy struggling to kill them brings the fight to an interesting chapter.

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Both the villains are as fast as Flashy & in the next chapter, we are going to see the epic battle. In the end, we see how Flashy ask them to get in their real monster form so that he can kill them at their extreme battle level.

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In this Article, we are going to see our expectation on the next chapter of One Punch Man. We are ready to have an open conversation in the comment below.

Our Expectation:

Both the villains are in their true monster form. We will be seeing how Flashy Flash will going through tough time fighting these monsters. Both being at the same level as Flashy Flash, the fight between them will get intense after every attack.


What we are expecting to see is, Flashy to kill both of them in this chapter, but he will have to go through a tough time. We believe that there is some connection between Flash & both the villains, as we saw them saying, “Don’t underestimate your elders” which becomes obvious that they have some blood relation.

As we haven’t seen Saitama & King in the chapter, it seems that the author wants people to wait a bit long. The Season is almost there to end & we believe that in the coming few chapters, we might see other characters fighting villains.

What Are We Really Waiting For?

It is quite obvious & that is Saitama Vs Lord Orochi & Lord Gyoro. We are also waiting to see Garou, which has not been talked for a while. We are still wondering if he is dead or alive.

Release Date:

One Punch Man Chapter 96 release date has officially been confirmed to air on 21- September (in Japan) & 22nd Sept in English. It has been officially confirmed.

Update: The release date has been updated after the official confirmation.