One Punch Man Chapter 96 Release Date Confirmed


One Punch Man Manga 96

The most awaited One Punch Man Chapter 96 release date has finally confirmed. It was already expected that the Chapter 96 will arrive by the end of this month. NEBU_KURO a twitter user has confirmed that the One Punch Man Chapter 96 will release this week on 21st September.

With this confirmation, it is quite obvious that the fans would eagerly be waiting for the episode. There is no confirmation on the number of pages the  manga will have.

As expected by us, we believe that the Chapter 96 will be focused on Flashy Flash & his battle. We are not sure if we could see Saitama or King in this chapter, but everyone is quite excited to know more about Fellfire Flame & Gale Wind. We believe that we could see something interesting going on with Saitama in few chapters.

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Is Lord Orochi V/s Saitama possible?

This has been one of the fights we have been talking in our office. We all believe that Saitama will be facing Lord Orachi by the end of the chapter. This can post probably be Sitama’s most interesting battle.

Hence, we would need your assistance on your thoughts on Lord Orochi V/s Saitama. Feel free to discuss this in the comment below.