One Punch Man Chapter 142 – What Can We Expect?


One Punch Man Chapter 142

One Punch Man Chapter 142 is really going to be amazing. We saw the entire Hero force who crashed the monsters in chapter 141. We are not yet sure when exactly can we see the chapter 142 & how lengthy it be. It is expected that the episode to be somewhere around 100 pages (It can be even 60 pages) and might release by the end of August or in the early September.

Knowing the fact that Gyoro Gyoro has called everyone back, which means the plan has changed. On the other hand, Gyoro wants to see King’s ability, which means the next mission of these monsters is to find King. Talking about Saitama, he is almost there near the Monsters base. So, what exactly can we expect from One Punch Man Chapter 142?

Our Expectation:

We are expecting that the One Punch Man Chapter 142 will cover two arcs. One of Saitama & another of King. We might see how Monsters are out for the hunt of King as Gyoro wants to see what is his ability. We feel that King has some ability that he is hiding from everyone else or is he really coward?

This is quite sure that we might see King in action in chapter 142 & also Saitama. As we all know that Saitama is under the tunnel we might see him fighting against the monster. We believe that the Tunnel he is in one of the ways for monsters, which means Saitama will definitely indulge in action.

It is also very obvious that Saitama will also get into the monsters basement, which means that we might see Gyoro and Saitama in a battle. Talking about the Monsters basement we all have forgotten about Garou. This is still a mystery if Garou has defeated Orochi. In the One Punch Man Chapter 142, we might actually see King & Saitama story.

There is no official confirmation about One Punch Man Chapter 142 release date yet, but we will keep you updated.