One Punch Man Chapter 141 – The Thrill Has Just Begun


One Punch Man Chapter 141

One Punch Man Chapter 141 is just out and to be frank, this episode is epic. If you haven’t seen this chapter, then I would ask you to read the One Piece manga 141 right away.

Talking about the chapter, it had action as it starts. You will see that how all the heroes have assembled in the city with full force. The entire city is filled with monsters where everyone is geared up to kill them.

Evil Eyes, the leader of this crew appears. He has a huge body with similar Physic power as Tatsumaki. The Evil Eyes seems to be self obsess with his power and challenges Tatsumaki. As the battle starts, Tatsumaki uses her thunder storm power and takes the Evil Eyes with her. As soon as this happens the fight among the monsters and heroes starts.

In the initial battle we see how the A Class heroes takes down every monsters with an ease & same with Class B & Class C. By the time they kill the entire monster group, another group comes in with “Rino Wrestler” as the leader. The Rino Wrestler seems quite tough as even the A Class heroes couldn’t get a scratch on him. Where everyone is struggling to fight the Rino, Kamikaze (Atomic Samurai) comes into picture.

This is the first time we have seen Kamikaze in action. With just one blow he kills the Rino. With his attack, it clearly describe the reason why he is placed in the top of S-Ranked heroes. With this, the rest S Class heroes finishes all the monsters in just a fraction of second.

Where is King?

The one concern that I have in this chapter is, the presence of King. I really don’t understand if King really has any power or the author is planning to keep King’s power secret. Unlike me even the Monster king is eager to see King’s power.

What Can We Expect In One Punch Man Chapter 142:

The Chapter 95 of One Punch Man is yet to get a final confirmation on it’s release date and number of pages to come out. we believe that the one Punch chapter 95 will mostly come by the end of August. We might see where the King is & might also see Saitama in Action.

There is no raw or any official announcement made yet on the episode. We will get you all the material related to One Punch Man.