One Punch Man Chapter 100 RAW


After such a long waiting we finally see the One Punch Man Chapter 100 RAW is officially out today. We believe that this is the end of the Phenox monster. In the initial part of the battle, the Child Emperor uses mini against the  Phenox monster but fails. Later we see how he uses them to make Phenox monster fly so that he can capture him in his trap.

As Phenox monster is also going through tough time with the child emperor we see him getting fooled by a cheap trick. Child Emperor uses a Sticking Tape trick to control his moment. The last page of this chapter ends with his giant punch keeping the victory secret.

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One Punch Man Chapter 100 RAW

This chapter almost confirms the end of the Phenox monster, but have to wait for the next chapter. Everyone, on the other hand, is waiting for Saitama’s appearance. We believe that we will have to wait for a while to see him.

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