One Piece Stampede Movie – Getting Ready For 2019


One Piece is planning huge for its 20th Anniversary happening in 2019. The first trailer for “One Piece Stampede” got its release on 11 December 2018. This movie will be their 14th movie. 

There is no information on the story but the trailer leaves us with a lot of speculations. It looks like the sum of all the Arc. The trailer shows about Luffy’s Hat, Ace’s death and more. 

One Piece Stampede will be published and shared by TOEI Anime and most probably the details will be released during the Jump Festa 2019

One Piece Stampede Trailer

The only thing that we have to talk about is One Piece Stampede Trailer. It showcases some of the events from the past. We believe that TOIE Anime wants to keep things secret until the Jump Festa 2019. 

One Piece Stampede Release Date

For those who are not yet aware of the release date, One Piece Stampede will get released in Japan on 9th August 2019. To get more information related to the movie, we will have to wait till the Jump Festa 2019. It is expected the official movie trailer to get released during the event. 

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