One Piece Chapter 960 Spoiler & Release Date – What Happen 39 Year Ago?


One Piece Chapter 960

Now, things are getting more interesting in One Piece. It looks like we are going to know more about the past. Everyone might have already read One Piece Chapter 959 & that’s the reason why you are reading this article. A lot of things are like hint. Luffy is waiting for Jinbe & we are not sure if he is dead or alive. While everyone is ready for the battle, Holdem and his team are destroying the bridges that connect to Flower Capital. So you might want to know more about what we can see in One Piece Chapter 960. Hence, we are here to discuss about One Piece Chapter 960 Spoiler and its release date.

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One Piece Chapter 960 Spoiler

By the end of One Piece Manga 959, we saw how the entire Flower Capital were afraid of Oden Kozuki. On the other hand, the Samurai are in support of Oden and own their life to him. It looks like Kurozumi Orochi is all behind this. He had spread rumors to defame Oden.

In One Piece Manga Chapter 960, we might more about what happened 39 years ago in the Flower Capital. We are not just a day away from the final battle, but before that, there are a few things that everyone would like to know about. Hence, we believe the upcoming few chapters will belong to the past.

In Manga 960 we will get to know more about Oden and why he was hated by the FLower Capital people. Also, we will know the reason behind why all the samurai’s are fighting for him. It is quite early to comment anything so soon. Therefore, we will wait for a couple of days more to get our hands on the official spoiler.

One Piece Chapter 960 Release Date

If you are eagerly waiting for this chapter, then there is no delay as of now. Which means, One Piece Manga 960 will release on 25th Oct 2019.

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