One Piece Manga Chapter 929 – Release Date, Spoiler and RAW Scan


It finally got confirmed that Luffy is planning an escape and as expected by us we finally see Raizo. Raizo is playing an important role in Luffy’s escape. Chapter 928 was a clear hint that we are going to see Luffy and Kid planning an escape. But would it be on One Piece Chapter 929 or next?

One Piece Manga Chapter 929

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Caribous, on the other hand, is planning to make hay while the sun shines. This ensures that there will be a huge alliance with Strawhat pirate. There is still a question if Kaido will be taken down by Kid or Luffy.

One Piece Manga 929 Expected Spoiler

We are quite sure that we won’t see Luffy’s escape soon in this chapter. We are yet to see Big Mom in Wano. In One Piece Manga Chapter 929, we are expecting to see more about other character.

We believe that we might get to know more about Law in this chapter and some moment from the alliance. Apart from this, there is a huge possibility that we could see more about Orochi and the one behind the 5 headed dragon.

There is a huge possibility that Chapter 929 will play a very important role. The hint of Luffy’s escape can be seen in action in this chapter. Knowing Luffy’s character, we might see Luffy taking Kids and other along with him.

We are also waiting for Big Mom’s and Red Hat pirates to show in the Wano Arc. There is no official confirmation made on this, but there is huge possibility that Read Hat pirate can be seen soon in Wano.

One Piece Manga Chapter 929 RAW

The RAW scan of One Piece Chapter 929 is expected to be out a day before the offical chapter release. We will update you as soon as we come across the Offcial Raw Scan.

One Piece Chapter 929 Release Date

According to the recent update, One Piece chapter 929 will get released next year on January 4th, 2019. This will release with Weekly jump issue 6 and 7th. It is expected to be a long chapter.

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