One Piece Manga Chapter 928 Release Date, Spoiler, RAW Scan, Discussion


One Piece chapter is getting interesting and during the last chapter, we saw Orochi, a new 5 headed dragon. Everything was going well & the chapters getting released regularly & the excitement for 928 was high. But the disappointment is that One Piece Manga Chapter 928 release date is postponed till next week.

One piece chapter 928
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One Piece Chapter 928 Release Date

This means that One Piece Chapter 928 will get a release on 21st December 2018. This chapter will release with the new year’s double-issue 4-5. This means that the chapter will be a long chapter, unlike the 927.

One Piece Manga 928 being delayed, we will see a lot of rumors and prediction coming. To know your thoughts let us discuss OP chapter 928.

One Piece Chapter 928 Discussion

One Piece chapter is getting unpredictable & chapter 928 will be the same. If this continues the last chapter, then we might get to see Sanji fighting with Orochi. It is not yet sure if Orochi really is a 5 headed dragon, as what we see here is just a shadow.

Orochi is considered as a fool in the town and hence his foolishness can be expected in this chapter. We believe that Oda is planning to build the characters before he comes to the end of this Arc. There is also a possibility to see some moment with the alliance.

We are not sure if Oda is planning to introduce some more characters in this chapter, but if that happens then it can be Luffy’s new teacher. What we are excited about is the fight between Sanji & Orochi, which is expected to take in OP Chapter 928.

One Piece Chapter 928 Raw Scan


One Piece Chapter 928 RAW Scan

Currently there is just this One Piece RAW Scan available for One Piece Chapter 928. We might come across more RAW scan for this chapter. Follow us back to know more about One Piece Chapter 928.