One Piece Manga Chapter 927 RAW Scan and Spoiler Update


One Piece Manga Chapter 927 is going to be an interesting chapter. After seeing Luffy & Kid creating chaos a lot of action is expected. In this post, we are going to see One Piece chapter 927 RAW scan and the official spoiler.

Note: One Piece Chapter 927 will be a 15 pages short chapter. 

One Piece Manga Chapter 927 Spoiler

We will first see the show how Sanji and Franky beat Kyoshiro the Samurais for wasting food. We will also see Oiran who is called Komurasaki, an idol in the Wano Country. Kyoshiro, on the other hand, is already aware of is aware of his subordinates situation and how they have been beaten since he was summoned to attend the Orochi banquet. To help his subordinates, Kyoshiro asked Queen to send an assassin team for rescue.

Orochi who is considered an idiot is confident that he will make Komurasaki fall in love. Later in the chapter, we will see that Orochi is a dragon.

What Exactly are we going to see?

In this chapter, we will finally see Robin, Usopp an, Franky in the Sangoro pasta tent. When one of Kyoshiro’s henchmen kicks the Sangoros’s post we see Franky and Sanji kicking the henchmen. Soon after that, we will see Sanji gives a new bowl of Soba to the girl.

Later in the chapter, we will get to know more about the Soba girl. We will also see Komurasaki, who is considered as a Diva in Wano. After getting beaten up with Sanji we see the Kyoshiro’s henchmen informing the incident to Kyoshiro. Later when he appears in the Shoji door, we will see his form as a five-headed dragon and his purpose is to impress Komurasaki.

One Piece Chapter 927 RAW Scan

Here is the RAW scan for One Piece chapter 927. We will keep on updating this as soon as we come across more scan. If you have more RAW scan related to this chapter, do share us in the comment below. (Gabapentin)