One Piece Manga Chapter 926 Spoiler Update – Big Moms Apperience Confirmed


Talking about One Piece chapter 926, it is confirmed that the Wano arc is going to take a turn. In the last chapter, we saw some old faces and are expecting them to see in Wano soon. Big Mom, on the other hand, one of the hot topics & we are finally going to witness her in this chapter.

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In the last chapter, there was a hint of Big Mom on his way to Wano which clearly talks about Big Mom’s appearance. Apart from this, Blackbeard, Shanks, and the Marines are also expecting to be seen, but not in this chapter.

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There is a huge possibility that we might see the two strongest Yonko fighting each other. Both of them want Luffy to be in the custody & hence we expect some action here. If both the King & Queen gets in action, this will definitely bring Wano to end. But considering the story, there is yet a possibility that Luffy will break the prison with Kidd and his new teacher.

Whereas Blackbeard is a concern, there is a huge possibility of him to appear in Chapter 927 along with Shanks. What we are excited for is the Battle between Kaido & Big Mom. We also wonder if Katakuri would also show up. Apart from this, we are also expecting to see some old characters as Luffy’s news have spread around the world.

One Piece Manga Chapter 926 Release Date: 

Unlike Anime, One Piece chapter 926 does not show any delay for this week & we are expecting to release on 30th November 2018. One Piece chapter 926 RAW Scan will be aired a few days before the official release.

We will yet wait for the official spoiler & RAW Scan for this chapter. If you still have anything to discuss One Piece chapter 926, feel free to ask in the comment below.