One Piece Manga Chapter 926 Spoiler Update – Raizo’s Plan To Rescue Luffy


One Piece Chapter 926 is about to release soon & we have been on the discussion about what exactly going to happen in this chapter. Today while going through my regular Reddit discussion, a lot of things has got clear. We got to know some update released to One Piece Chapter 926.
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One PIece Chapter 926
One PIece Chapter 926 RAW

Check: One Piece Chpater 926 RAW

In this Article, we are going to discuss One Piece Chapter 926 Spoiler. We would still wait for the official spoiler to confirm our statement here. So without wasting any time, let’s go ahead with the spoiler update.

One Piece Manga 926 Spoiler 

I guess everyone remembers Raizo & Buggy and if you are wondering their mentions, then there is a huge possibility of their appearance in this chapter.  We had already discussed Big Mom appearance in One Piece Chapter 926, but along with that Raizo’s appearance too.

In this chapter, we are going to see Luffy’s prison break & the one helping him would be Raizo. Before Raizo’s apprentice, we will see Luffy talking to Eustaass Kid’s brother. It is said that the guy whom we think is Kid, is actually his brother. We will see how he has the Blueprint of the cell & he has an escape plan. ( This Blueprint was in his mechanical arm, which can only be opened by someone else.

According to one of the Reddit user, he said: “The guy in the other cell is actually Eustass Kid’s brother and Kid got captured by Kaido because he wanted to save him. For his escape plan, he prepared a tattoo inside of his mechanical arm with the blueprints of the prison and the route he had to use to escape. What he didn’t expect, is that he couldn’t open his arm alone so he wasn’t able to escape until Luffy’s arrival. With his new cellmate, Kid embarks on the adventure of his life. A journey full of sorrow, mystery and maybe even love… He and Luffy will meet some unlikely allies and face new enemies during their ordeal to complete this mission and be able to save Kid’s brother safely.”

Talking about Big Mom, we are expecting to see her by the end of the chapter but will wait for the official spoiler.

One Piece Chapter 926 Release Date:

One Piece Chapter will get a release on 30th November 2018. If you have any query related to this chapter, feel free to ask in the comment below.