One Piece Manga Chapter 926 Raw Scan and Official Spoiler


One Piece Chapter 926: “Prisoner Mine”

Release Date: 30 November 2018

Status: Release

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One Piece chapter 926 will be out today and people have been waiting for the chapters RAW scan and spoiler. We finally have the official Spoiler and release for OP chapter 926. There was an expectation made on Big Mom’s apperince in this chapter, but that’s not happening.

One Piece Chapter 926

In this post we are going to share you the spoiler for One Piece Chapter 926 & if you want to know more about it keep reading.

One Piece Chapter 926:

The chapter will appear with Law & Chopper studying with a Turtle and a strok in one of the place in Wason. It is sure that they will be there for some investigation. On the other hand we see the Samurai’s who sees Kin’emos Symbol. With this we expect the first phase of the war to initiate.

Usoop was not seen in the chapter for long & finally we have him back selling fake goods. Now we know the reason why he was not seen. The one that that’s interetsing here is the man on whom Nami & Shunbou is spying on. There is no update on who that is, but is expected to be a known face.

Apart from this, we will also get to know more about the Prisons activity. We will see how an old man get hotten by a Beast Pirate & at the same time will see Luffy & Kind movie some huge box to a ship. While seeing this both of them appears in front of the Beast Pirate guys (a Hippopman). Seeing this the Hippman eats Luffy & Kid, but breaks out with the Old Man.

Now talking about this old man, we believe that he might we Luffy’s next teacher. But that is yet a Suspence. All we can do is wait the One Piece chapters to be out.

One Piece Chapter 926 RAW

This is the RAW Scan of One Piece chapter 926. We will keep this section updated once we get more RAW scan. One Piece Chpater 926 will release on 30th November 2018 & will show Luffy & Kid saving a old man. (

One Piece 926 RAW

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