One Piece Manga 913 To Be Released Next Week


OnePiece Chapter 913

One Piece Manga 913 Release Date: 3 August 2018

After an epic manga episode 912, we believe that we could see Ace, but how true it is; Not sure. It is quite clear that Ace has promised O Tama that he will be coming back. Now Luffy is on the way to take O-Tama to the doctor.

At the end of the chapter, we saw that Luffy meets Zoro, where they reunite after a long time & this is what we all wanted to happen. We are not sure how and when the rest of the members will meet, but it is clear that we might get to see a reunion of them in coming to a few chapters.

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Talking about the happiness of Luffy & Zoro’s reunion, it did not last that long. Basil Hawkins, who has now joint “Kaido” wants to fight Luffy and his team as he believes that the Luffy & his crew is responsible to make “Hini” disappear.

Spoiler Alert!

Now talking about the One Piece Manga 913, we all know that Luffy & Zoro will be fighting against the Basil & his 2 members. It is Luffies and Zoro who are fighting together after a long time & this is quite obvious that we might see good action in this chapter.

In this chapter, we will see how Luffy and Zoro will take down Hawkins. We should not forget that Luffy caries Nidai Kitetsu one of the 21 Great Grade Sword with him and this will be a bonus to Zoro to fight with that sword. But, one thing that everyone knows that the Nidai Kitetsu is a cursed sword that will bring a horrible death to the owner.

In the One Piece Chapter 913, we might also get to know some detail about the Eustace Kid & this is where Hawkins join hands with Luffy to meet the Killer, where Luffy and his crew will help him to rescue Eustace.

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