One Piece Fan’s get to see another Devil Fruit’s power


Since the very start of the series, we get to see some extremely powerful characters in the One Piece series. With the help of Haki, characters can gain a unique power boost that makes them stronger, but there are some lucky characters as well, and they are those who get their hands on a Devil Fruit. Devil Fruit is a fruit that gives supernatural powers to the person who ate it. Our main character Monkey D. Luffy and his rubbery skill is an example of the Devil Fruit’s power.Other than that there is a new power has been introduced in the anime.With the release of the latest episode, fans get introduced to another major member of the Charlotte Family. As Katakuri was introduced a few episodes ago, Oven is the new member of Charlotte Family who just made his way into the anime. Oven is a pirate just like all of them, and he is big. On his way towards the Sanji’s wedding, there is no way all the security could have stopped him

With his Devil Fruit powers, he simply walks through the door as it melts around him.

For those who don’t know Oven ate the Netsu Netsu no Mi (Heat-Heat Fruit). This gives him the ability to emit heat from his body like a furnace; the heating temperature can easily reach a very high degree.

With his power, he can play on both offensive and defensive side.