One Piece Episode 867 – Release Date and Spoiler


One Piece Episode 866 was expected to be a 1-hour special episode, but it seems to be just a rumor. After the release of Episode 866, it becomes clear that the Big Mom Arc is about to end. Sanji is there with the Cake and Luffy is about to win the battle. One Piece Episode 867 will get a release next week and in a few episodes, we will see a New Arc.

One Piece Episode 867 Release Date

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We have already seen Charlotte Flampe in the Episode and we know what we can expect from her. Apart from that everything is working as per the plan. Straw Hat screw is on the way as per the plan and Begge is diverting Big Mom.

One Piece Episode 867 Spoiler

We will finally see Luffy in action in this episode and the one who will be interfering is Flampe. Luffy has finally activated the way to see the future and Katakuri is on its limit. Seeing Katakuri in trouble Flampe will interfere in the battle.

We will finally see Katakuri’s dignity and he will harm himself for her sister sin. There is a huge possibility that we might see an end to Luffy vs Katakuri fight.

We might also Big Mom chasing after the cake, but will not see her reaction. There is a huge possibility that the team are working hard to finish the battle of Katakauri and Luffy and then we might see Big Mom’s reaction after the fight is over.

We are not sure if One Piece Episode 867 will show the final battle between Katakuri and Luffy, but a lot of action is sure. To know what exactly is going to happen, we will have to wait for the episode. There is a huge possibility of the episode in this episode and we might gee a new Arc in One Piece.

One Piece Episode 867 Preview

One Piece Episode 867 Release Date

One Piece episode 867 has been delayed and will get its release on 6th January 2019. This episode is going to be One Piece first Episode os 2019. The only reason why One Piece Episode 867 is delayed because of every one of the New year.

If there is any update on the episode you will get to know here.