One Piece Episode 866 Special 1 Hour Episode


During our last One Piece Episode 866 post, we did mention that the Episode is going to be a long one-hour Episode. But it was not officially confirmed. Today it has been confirmed that the new One Piece Episode is going to be an hour-long episode. 

Source: Mviz Hdz

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According to the source, this Episode will bring an end to the Big Mom arc. We will finally see Luffy beating Katakuri and Sanji finally delivering the cake to Big Mom as per the plan. 

As per the Title for One Piece Episode 866, “Finally He Returns” is a clear indication of Luffy’s and Sanji’s return to their crew members. Apart from this, we will finally see Luffy’s new form and how he beats Katakuri.  This will be the first time that Katakuri falls on his back. 

We are finally going to see Staw Hat’s Escape from the Big Mom’s Island. If you have read the Manga, then you are already aware of what’s going to happen. We will be seeing Captain Jinbe’s coordinates to come to help Luffy’s Rescue. 

If this is finally going to be an end of Big Mom’s Arc, then we will see the Wano Arc in the new year

One Piece Episode 866 Preview

The preview of One Piece Episode 866 clearly shows that the episode is going to show an end to the Big Mom’s arc. We are almost sure that One Piece Episode 867 can be the beginning of the Wano’s Arc. 

This episode is going to get released on 23rd December 2018 and will be the last episode of One Piece for 2018. It seems t hat in 2019 we might see the begining of a new Arc