One piece episode 865 – Spoiler and Release Date


One Piece Big Mom’s arc is about to end and we are soon going to see Luffy’s victory over Katakuri. The best part about One Piece Episode 865 is that it’s going to be a 1-hour special episode. It is more like a treat for the One Piece fan for new year. 

Onepiece episode 865

In this 1-hour special episode, we are going to see an intense battle between Katakuri and Luffy. We are also going to witness Charlotte Flampe, Katkuri’s sister who will be interfering in the battle. 

For those, who are more interested in knowing more about One Piece Episode 865 can continue reading this post. In this post we are going to discuss One Piece Episode 865 Spoiler and its release date.

One Piece Episode 865 Spoiler 

After Jimbe’s and big mom’s fight, it is sure that Big Mom will go after the Sunny. On the other hand, Sanju along with Beje are moving according to the plan. In this episode, we are going to see more of Luffy v/s Katakuri. According to the source, One Piece Episode 865 will bring an end to Luffy’s fight. 

We will be seeing how Luffy remember everything about his training. We will see how Katakuri will be beaten by Luffy. But seeing this, 
Charlotte Flampe will interfere in the fight. Being this unfair, Katakuru will injure himself and ask her to leave. 

It’s not sure if we would get to see the end of the battle in the same episode, but it is clear that in the coming few episodes the Big Mom Arc will come to an end. If this is an end to Luffy vs Katauri, then we are going to witness Katakuri on his back for the first time. 

What’s more interesting to watch is how Luffy and his crew will make an escape form the Big Mom’s Island. 

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One Piece Episode 865 Release Date

With 1-hour long episode, the good thing is that there is no delay and One Piece Episode 865 will get a release on 16 December. If there is any change in the schedule, then we will update you here. 

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