One Piece Episode 862 Spoiler & Release Date- Carrot’s Ultimate Form

One PIece Episode 862
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One Piece Episode 862: Sulong! Carrot’s Big Mystic Transformation

Release Date: 18 – November 2018

Status: Released

It looks like the Big Mom Arc is finally coming to an end. The cake is on the Bege’s Ship and everything is working according to their plan. On the other hand, Big Mom is chasing the Sunny & by the end of Episode 861, we just witnessed Carrot’s new form.

Apart from that, we are also going to see Luffy & Kataluri’s battle. As Luffy is back with his Haki & with a determination to defeat Katakuri, we surely hope that there is a huge plan. Now talking about One Piece Episode 862, we are going to see Carrot’s tue form and will also check Katakuri’s v/s Luffy.


Every one of you might have heard Carrot talking about the Full Moon day & on the day Carrot’s transforms into a completely new personality. In her transformation, we will see her with long white hair and red eyes and have all the power to control the thunder. This is the ultimate form of Mink tribe.

According to the manga, When Minks Gaze at the full moon, their Feral Instincts are awakened from the depth of their Memory. & Carrot’s transformation is called “Sulong“. We will see Carrot attacking the Big Mom pirate ship and destroying every one of them.

We are also expecting to see Sanji approaching towards the Sunny. Apart from this, the biggest fight between Luffy & Katakuri is also expected to take a new turn. You will see Luffy & Kataluri going hand on hand with each other. We will finally see Luffy back in action. We suppose that the Big Mom Arc will end in a couple of episodes.

Release Date:

Unlike Manga, One Piece episode is not delayed & we are going to see One Piece episode 862 releasing on 18 November. If there is any change in the schedule, we might update you here.

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