One Piece Episode 861 – Sanji & Bege’s Getaway Battle


One Piece Episode 861

One Piece Episode 861: “The Cake Sank! Sanji & Bege’s Gateway Battle

Release Date: 11- November 2018

It seems that the Big Mom Arc is about to end & looking at One Piece Episode 860 it becomes clear that the next episode is going to be about Bege v/s Owen. In this article, we are going to see the spoiler for One Piece Episode 861 & if you don’t like spoilers, then this might not be for you.

Before we talk about the spoiler, let’s discuss the last episode. There was not much of Luffy’s scene & the only thing we saw how Luffy was running from one place to another through the mirror world. But talking about the Cake, we have finally seen Sanji Kicking it off to place it in Bege’s ship. ( This gives us a clear hint that the next chapter will be about  Bege v/s Owen.


Looking at the One Piece Episode 861 preview, it is clear that the whole episode will show about how Beg & Sanji will fight together to defeat Owen. Apart from this, we have also seen Chiffion’s father attacking, but whom? let’s find out.

In this episode, we will see an intense battle between Furious Owen & Bege. We will be seeing hos Bege escape to the sea, but seeing this Owen uses his Haki to boil the sea & stop their escape. Seeing this Chiffion father attacks Owen from behind & let her daughter make a successful escape.

On the other hand, we will be seeing Luffy finally regaining his power and getting in the mirror world. Seeing his determination to overpower Katakuri make a room for the final battle between them.

As everything is working according to their plan, we will be seeing the end to the Big Mom’s arch soon after a few episodes. The next few episodes will be an intense battle between Luffy & Karakuri and then how Sanji & Bege delivers the cake to Big Mom. It’s not sure by when this will happen, but we are confident that it won’t take more than 5 to 7 episodes.

One Piece Episode 861 Release Date:

Talking about One Piece EPisode 861, it will release on 11 November at their official time. If there is any change in the schedule, we will update you here,