One Piece Episode 860 – Release Date & Spoiler


One PIece Episode 860

One Piece Episode 860: A Man’s Way Of Life! Bege and Luffy’s Determination as Captain!

Release Date: 4 November 2018

Status: Released

One Piece Episode 859 is out & it 3 Major stories that we will see in Episode 860. Talking about the previous episode, we saw how Luffy is running away by buying some time to get his Haki back. He is in the Nuts Island searching for a Mirror to get back to the Mirror world.

On the other Island, Oven San plans to kill Chiffion considering her as a traitor to his family. In the upcoiming Episode we are again going to see 3 story. First Bege protecting his wifi Chiffion, Luffy Searching for Mirror & Nami & others following the plan.

In this Article, we are going talk about One Piece Episode 860 Spoiler & the date it will air. We are also open for discussion about this Episode in the comment below.


We will be seeing how Bege shoots Oven to get Chiffion out of his reach. With this we see see Bege’s pirate distroying the island to save Chiffion. We will be seeing Bege’s Nostra Castello ship, which has hide it as a trump card. Then he will load the cake on it and also save everyone.

Talking about Luffy, we will see him hinding somewere and thinking about his Haki training he had did. We will see how desperate Luffy is to defeat Katrakuri. By the end we will be seeing Luffy finding a Mirror & entering the mirror world to fight back Katakuri.

In thos episode Episode we will also see Chiffion’s dad death as he stop Oven & let other rescue. We also be seeing some part of how Nami & other are moving according to the plan. We are not sure what about that, but there will a small glims of Nami meeting Sanji & others.

Release Date:

The good thing is that  there is no delay of the Episode & hence we will se eit on 4th October on their official release timing.