One Piece Episode 857 – Release Date, Spoiler & More


One Piece Episode 857

One Piece Episode 857: Luffy Fights Back! The Invincible. Katakuri’s Weak Point

Release Date: 14 October

Status: Aired

Update: One Piece Episode 857 is out.

Finally, we get to see Luffy in Action. In the last few episodes, we have been seeing Luffy getting beaten up badly by Katakuri & as expected about Katakuri’s Eating habit, it got unveiled to everyone in Episode 856.

As seen in the last episode, Luffy has finally figured out Kataluri’s ability & makes his first successful hit on him. This brings us to the conclusion that the Big Mom Arc & Luffy V/S Katakuri’s fight will come to an end soon. talking about Episode 857, we will see new characters in this episodes & also the most awaited & intense fights.

Warning: This Article contains spoiler. Read Ahead on your own risk.


Before talking about the main fight, let’s talk about the new character. In One Piece chapter 857, we are going to see Charlotte Flambe, Charlotte 33rd Daughter & also the leader of Katakuri’s fan club & Special Force captain.

Now talking about Luffy V/S Katakuri, we will finally see Luffy dominating Katakuri with his 4th gear. This is what everyone was waiting for. But, it doesn’t mean that Luffy will dominate him completely. We are sure that we will not be seeing Katakuri falling on his back in this episode, but we are sure that we will see him troubling to fight back Luffy.

Along with Luffy & Katakuri’s fight, we will also see Sanji’s action on finishing the Wedding cake. With this, we can ensure that the Big Mom Arc will be finished within 5 to 6 episodes. We would also like to know your thoughts on the upcoming One Piece chapter 857.

Release Date: 

One Piece episode 857 is going to release on next Sunday that is 14th October 2018. With this episode, we can finally come to a conclusion about the end of the Big Mom Arc. We would also like to know your thoughts on the same.