One Piece Episode 856 – Katakuri’s Secret


One Piece Episode 856

One Piece Episode 856:The Forbidden Secret! Katakuri’s Merinda

Release Date: 7 October

Status: Aired

Update: One Piece EPisode 856 Is Aired. Enjoy watching it anime streaming websites.

One Piece episode 855 is out, but as expected we could not see Katakuri’s eating habit. It seems that they want to keep the excitement for the Episode 856.

Seeing Luffy escaping through every Katakuri’s attack, he decides to kill Luffy with suffocation & hence activates his Power new stage & burry Luffy with his Mochi. Talking about this, we are now very close to witnessing Katakuri’s most secret truth.

This Article is a spoiler for One Piece Episode 856 & if you are one of those who does not want the spoiler, then would request you to read another amazing article here.


As seen that it’s time for Katakuri to eat, which mean that we could see the most interesting fact about Katakuri. We will fist see Luffy coming out eating the Katakuri’s Mochi & will get into the place of the hidden secret.

One Piece Episode 855- Katakuri Eating Habit
Katakuri’s Weird Eating Habit Revealed

We will see how Luffy breaks in the house showing everyone Katakuri’s eating habit. There is no doubt that Katakuri will really feel embarrassed & that is what we all are waiting to watch. This will be the first time that everyone will witness Katakuri’s weird eating habit.

Along with this, we could also see glims of what’s going on in the Coco island & also with the Straw Hat Screw.

There is no doubt that this is going to be the funniest moment in One Piece Big Mom Arc & everyone would enjoy seeing it.

Release date: 

One Piece Episode 856 will air on 7th October on their official timing. If there is any change in the schedule, you know the place to find the daily Anime update.