One Piece Episode 855 – The End Of Deadly Battle


One Piece Episode 855

One Piece Episode 855: The End Of Deadly Battle?! Katakuri’s Awakening In Anger!

Release Date: 30 September 2018

Status: Aired

Update: The Episode is Aired on all Anime Streaming sire.

One Piece Episode 854 is out & we saw how everyone knows that the Straw Hat crew is still alive. Whereas Luffy & Katauri is a concern, we saw how Luffy gets beaten up badly. It seems like Luffy is having some plan under his sleeves. We saw how Katakuri uses his spear to kill Luffy, but he tend escape from it.

In the last episode we saw how Big mom moves towards the Nuts Island think it about the Wedding Cake. One Piece Episode 855 will be released next week and we are expecting to see the end of Luffy v/s Katakuri. In this Article we are going to talk about the One Piece Episode 855 Spoiler.

One Piece Episode 855 Spoiler:

Looking at the preview it has got clear that Luffy & Katakuri’s battle is going to end soon. If not in this episode, then the next 856. We are going to witness how Katakuri bury him with his Mochi. As we all know know Luffy is damn hungry, we will see him eating his Mochi to regain his power.

With this, Luffy will be seeing Katakuri eating, which no one has really seen. This will be the most funny moment of the Arc. Luffy seeing Katakuri eating in the most disgusting way will make Katakuri angry and then we will see the most intense battle of this Arc. It is said that no one have seen Katakuri eating.

Along with this, we would also see some activity going at the Cacao Island. As everyone is aware that Sanji & others are present their making the weeding cake. We might see other Big mom pirates going there.

Release Date:

One Piece Episode 855 will be live this week on 30th September on their official timing. If there is any change in the schedule, we will update you here.