One Piece Episode 853 – Will See Jimbei In Action


One piece episode 853

One Piece Episode 853:The Green Room! An Invincible Helmsman Jimbei!” 

Release Date: 16-Sept-2018

Status: Aired

After watching the amazing One Piece Episode 852, we are quite sure that episode 853 is going to be mind-blowing. It really feels great to see an Anime more than reading a Manga (The obvious reason is its motion).

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In episode 852, we saw how Sanji along with Pudding & Lola gets into Chacha Island for preparing the cake. We see how Pudding manipulates everyone and make Sanji enter the island safely. As the cake process has been started, we believe that Big Mom Arc will come to an end shortly.

The other side of the story talks about how Big mom is chasing the Straw Hat crew & how Luffy is struggling to defeat Katakuri. It has & was always obvious that Katakuri is way too powerful than Luffy, but the important thing is to see how Luffy defeats Katakuri.

One Piece Episode 853 Spoiler: 

One Piece episode 853 is aired on 16th September 2018 & is focused more on Jimbei. But that is not the only thing that we are going to see. We are going to notice how Luffy fights against Katakuri but fails every time he makes a move. We will the tough1 time for Luffy to hit him.

Now, talking about Jimbei-San’s part in Episode 853, we already know that Big mom is on the move to destroy the Straw hat pirates. You will witness Big Mom’s true power in this episode. According to the preview, we will see how Big mom controls the sea & attacks Sunny with a huge wave, but Jimbei being an Aquatic creature we will see how he helps Sunny and also the Straw hat crew from Big Mom’s devastating move.

We might see Jimbei in action with Big Mom when she will come to attack Sunny, (This can probably happen in Episode 854.

Also talking about the Gree room, which has been targeted by Brulee, we might see Jimbe get rid of that too. As Brulee us attacking Sunny with a fire arrow, we might see that how Sunny get’s in fire & will also see how Jimbei saves everyone.

Note: Release Date updated on 16 Sept