One Piece Episode 853 Release Date Confirmed


One piece episode 853

One Piece Episode 853 will be one interesting chapter to watch. We will be seeing a battle between Luffy And Katakuri & are also expecting to see Big Mom V/S Jimbei. We already have discussed what we can expect on this episode, but we’re not sure about the release date.

Today, we have come across an official confirmation about the release date of this Episode. According to the confirmation, One Piece Episode 853 will release on 16-Sept -2018, which is next week from today.

In this episode, we are going to see how Jimbei is going to fight against Big Mom saving Sunny. On the other side in the Mirror world, we will be seeing Luffy going through tough time-fighting Katakuri. It is also said that we might also get to see Sanji in this episode so that we are aware of the extent of the wedding cake process.

What really is existing in this episode is t see Luffy v/s Katakuri, which is yet the most epic battle of Luffy. It is expected that the Big Mom Arc will end in coming to a few episodes. Sources say that in coming 3-4 Episode we might see an end to Big Moms Hunger Pang.

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