One Piece Episode 852 – A Hardest Battle Starts. Luffy V/s Katakuri


One Piece Episode 852

One Piece Episode 852: A Hardest Battle Starts. Luffy V/s Katakuri 

Release Date: 2 September 2018

Status: Aired

Finally, the wait is over. We all have been waiting to see Luffy V/S Katakuri & after watching  Episode 851, it has been confirmed that One Piece Episode 852 is going to be about Luffy V/S Katakuri. We saying it confirmed because Episode 852 is titled “A Hardest Battle Starts. Luffy V/s Katakuri“.

Talking about episode 851, this episode describes everyone activity. We saw how the Straw Hat crew were so upset about Pedro’s death & then Jinbei scream at everyone to fight against the enemy & tribute the win to Pedro. In the meanwhile, we also saw how Sanji has already reached the Island.

Looking at the fight been Luffy & Katakuri, it becomes quite obvious that Katakuri is way powerful than Luffy, but we have also noticed how Luffy has overcome his limits and is improving as he is battling Kataluri.

One Piece Ep 852:

We are not sure if One Piece Episode 852 will talk about Big Mom or Sanji, but we are quite sure that the episode will definitely show an epic battle of all time. As we have seen how Luffy is struggling and at the same time overcoming his limits. It is quite obvious that Luffy will really have to go through a lot of trouble.

In this episode, we will see how Katakuri will smash Luffy & how Luffy stand up again. We will be seeing how Luffy will overcome his limitations and increases his power at the same level as Katakuri. Seeing this, all the Big Mom crew will be shocked as they have never seen anyone standing so tough against Katakuri.

As this is going on, we will also see how the Straw Hat crew will fight against Big Mom & his crew. This One Piece episode is going to take a whole new turn & we wi;; see an intense battle too.

Release Date

Talking about the release date of this episode, it is expected to be aired on 2nd September, but we still are waiting for an official confirmation.