One Piece Episode 851 – Release Date & Spoiler


One Piece Episode 851

Status: Aired.

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As per of our last spoiler, Episode 850 was nothing but the beginning of the Luffy v/s Katakuri. We saw how Luffy enters the mirror world to save his crew. Nami & other are already on their way as per the plan. The Episode 851 is what we all were waiting for. In this episode, you see how Luffy & Katakuri battle each other.

In this Article, we will be talking about the release date & spoiler of One Piece Episode 851. The release date is officially confirmed. Before we talk about the release date, let’s see the spoiler for EP 851.

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Luffy has already stopped the entrance to Sunny & now it’s one on one with Katakuri. In this episode 851, we are going to see how Luffy is going to struggle against him. Katakuri having a bounty of 1 million it quite obvious of how powerful he is.

Katakuri has a powerful Haki & has an ability to see the future, because of which Luffy will be struggling with getting Katakuri knocked out. But, it is not that Luffy will not lay a hand on him.

Talking about the Straw Hat crew, they are on their way & soon will reach the island. In the meantime, we will also see how the Big Mom crew will create a hurdle to stop them.

One Piece Episode 851 Release Date: 

One Piece Episode 851 will be aired on 26 August & his titled “A Man With A Bount Of Billion.” Which means this episode is fully focused on Katakuri and his ability. If there are any changes in the schedule or if there is any update you guys know about, do help us to know in the comment below.