One Piece Episode 850 – Beginning Of Luffy Vs Katakuri


One Piece Episode 850

Release Date: 19 August (Expected)

Episode Name: I’ll Be Back! Luffy, Deadly Departure

As expected by us episode 849 was a glimpse of Pedro’s past. Also, we saw the battle between Pedro & Perospero, but the sad part was that Pedro sacrifices his life to take down Perospero so that he can free others. At the same time, we also saw how Luffy struggles to get Katakuri.

Talking about Luffy and Katakuri, both are equal, but it seems that Katakuri is more versatile with his Haki. In Episode 849 we saw how Luffy struggles to hit Katakuri, but because of his power and Haki, it becomes tough for Luffy.

If you have already read the Chapter, you know that Luffy will be sailing out to fight with Katakuri. In the initials, if the fight Katakuri beat the hell out of Luffy, but later we will see how he comes back with his 4 gears fight.

Also, we have seen Perospero death, but this ain’t going to happen. The only one who died in this battle was Pedro. He does that to just let Sunny pass away. Whereas Big Mom is a concern, she will get into the sea to fight against Luffy’s crew, but Jinbei somehow manages to keep Big Mom out of it. On the other side of the story, we will see how Sanji and Pudding sisters struggle to make the wedding cake.

What Can We Expect From One Piece Episode 850?

As the title of Episode 850, “I’ll Be Back! Luffy, Deadly Departure” clearly indicates that Luffy will depart from Sunny to fight against Katakuri. In this episode, we will see Luffy Vs Katakuri & on the other hand how Luffy Crew along with Sunny is struggling to fight Big Mom.

The release date of the episode is expected to be 19 August, but if there is any changes, then you will be updated.