One Piece Episode 850 Release Date & Spoiler


One Piece Episode 850

We have already discussed about One Piece Episode 850 & it is all going to be about Luffy V/S Katakuri. We were not sure about when the Episode release will be out, but until today. Today we got the confirmation on the Episode 850 Release date and spoiler.

One Piece Episode 850 Spoiler

The One Piece Episode 850 will start with Luffy and Katakuri fight. But we will talk about it later. We will first talk about Big Mom. We all know how mad Big Mom has become because of her Hunger Pangs. Now, Big Mom is  against the Luffy Crew & Sunny & on the other hand they are getting attacked from the other side.

We will see how Big Mom Attacks Sunny. We will also see how Jinbei gets involved in the fight with Big Mom. Since After that Straw Hat crew will be somehow make it through the the attack flying. We will also see how Sanhji with Pudding sister will be making the wedding cake.

Now, talking about Luffy & Katakuri, we will see how powerful Katakuri is & how difficult is it getting for Luffy to fight against him. We will see a tough fight between both of them. The only time when Luffy will get into action is after using the 4th gear. We might see some more advancement on his attack.

The Luffy V/S Katakuri will last for 3 to 5 episodes along with Big Mom & wedding cake. It might be a tough time for Luffy & his crew to get away from Big Mom.

Release Date:

Talking about the release date, the One Piece Episode 850 will release on 19 August 2018.