One Piece Episode 849 – What Can We Expect?


One Piece  Episode 849

One Piece Episode 848 is out. Sanji & Pudding have moved towards the island, whereas Luffy will be fighting to Big-Mom sons. It is quite obvious that the upcoming episode will have more action pack. Looking at Episode 848, it has become clear that Big Mom is quite mad at Luffy & she is going to kill them if she does not get the Wedding Cake. Hence, we are here with our prediction on what can we see in One Piece Episode 849.

Our Expectation From One Piece Episode 849:

In Episode 849, we will see how Luffy along with other members will fight against Perospero & Katakuri. With Episode 849 preview, it has become quite obvious that the episode will be focused on Pedro & his past.

Most probably the fight will be between Pedro & Perospero, whereas Luffy will be struggling to save Brook & Chopper. On the other hand, we are quite excited to see Luffy fighting Katakuri in the future episode.

According to Episode preview, we believe that the whole episode will be focused on Pedro’s past. We might see how Perospero attacks Pedro with his power &  will do the same as he did with Brook & Chopper. Pedro will then get through his attack and will find a way to defeat Perospero.

Being Big Mom against Luffy, we might see that Katakuri will fight against Luffy, whereas Big Mom will chase Sanji & Pudding sister towards the island. We will see the beginning of Luffy v/s Katakuri in episode 849. We have already read Manga series & we know hoe Luffy will take over Katakuri in the end. The only thing that we are excited about is how will they put the amazing fight in the Anime. We might see some more insight than the Manga.

One Piece Episode 849 is expected to be released in next week on 12 -August 2018,  but if there is any change in the schedule, then we will definitely update the same on our portal.