One Piece Episode 848 Spoiler


 One Piece Episode 848

If you ask me about One Piece whole Big Mom arc, I would say that it is getting interesting after every Episode. In Episode 847, we saw how Sanji along with Charlotte Pudding & Charlotte Chiffon goes to another island to make the wedding cake to feed Mom. Luffy and his crew are almost there to reach Sunny. But, in the Sunny there is another battle happening between Charlotte Perospero (1st Son), Charlotte Katakuri’s (2nd Son) & Brook, Chopper.

Spoiler Alert!

The One Piece Episode 848 is going to be a journey to the island & how the Straw Hat crew get through the Perospero & Katakuri. If you have read the Manga, then you might already be aware of what is going to happen.

In this episode, we will see how, the Straw Hat crew gets to the Sunny & at the same time, Luffy will be stopped by Katakuri. As Big Mom is almost near, Nami finds the only way to get through this is by Flying the Sunny. In Episode 848 you will see how Luffy stays to fight Katakuri & saves his crew member by letting them away.

Note: There is going to be a small “I am the Caption” drama to be seen in One Piece Episode 848.


From this One Piece Episode 848, you will see two arcs one of Big Mom & Straw Hat Crew & another of Luffy & Katakuri. There is going to be a tough time for Straw Hat crew to manage Big Mom.