One Piece Episode 848 Release Date


One Piece Episode 848

We are already aware of what we can expect in One Piece Episode 848. The whole arc is going to be more interesting. Big Mom is going towards Straw Hat crew, where Luffy will be fighting Katakuri.

Talking about the release date. The One Piece Episode 848 is going to release on 5th of August 2018. We hope that there is no announcement for episode delay.

In this Episode 848, we are going to see a start of an epic battle between Luffy & Katakuri. Sanji & Pudding are already reaching the island to make the wedding cake to stop Big Mom.

The whole arc of Big Mom is going to take a turn from EP 848. You will see how Big Mom will chase the Sunny. We believe that after a few more episodes (can be between 4-5), we are going to see an end of the whole Big Mom Arc.

One Piece Episode 848 release date
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One Piece Episode 848 release date
The one piece episode 848 is going to release on 5th August 2018 and this episode is going to start a very new battle between Luffy & Katakuri.
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