One Piece Episode 847 – Will Luffy & Crew Make It To Sunny?


One Piece Episode 847: “A Coincidental Reunion – Sanji and the Lovestruck Evil Pudding

After an Epic One Piece Episode 846, where Big Mom has got attached by Zeus Thunder (All thanks to Nami’s thunder cake), we all believe that they might successfully reach to Sunny. But we all know how powerful Big Mom is & how hard is it to stop her when she is on a Hunger Pangs. This article is all about what’s going to happen in episode 847, & we hope you all like spoilers.

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As we have seen in the earlier episode on how Charlotte Pudding along with Charlotte Chiffon is planning to stop Big mom by giving her a cake to get rid of Hunger Pang & we might see them working to help Big Mom with her hunger. But, this is not going to happen in early of the episode.

Big Mom gets attack by Zeus Thunder

With Zeus thunder, Big Moms attack has been stopped & Luffy and his crew are running towards Sunny. But, we will see Charlotte Pudding coming into the picture along with Luffy & Sanji. With this, she will be sharing a plan for making a huge wedding cake for Big Mom so that she can get-off the Hunger Pang. As everyone knows how bad this can turn if they are not able to stop Big Mom.

We really don’t know what exactly their plan is, but we definitely know that Luffy and his crew will help to fee Big Mom to get rid of her Hunger Pang. By the end of One Piece Episode 847, we might see that whole Big Mom story will come to an end.

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