One Piece Chapter 966 Release Date, Spoiler & More – Finally White Beard Meets The Pirate King


One Piece Chapter 966

In One Piece Chapter 964 it was already hinted that the Pirate King, Roger will meet Oden soon. Now, it seems that we will finally see that happening in One Piece Chapter 966.  In the last chapter, we saw how Oden became the 2nd Division caption. Also, we got to know about Orochi. Over here we are going to talk about One Piece Chapter 966 Spoiler and will also get to know about its release date.

Before we get into the One Piece Chapter 966 release date and spoiler, let’s see what we saw in Chapter 965. So, who the man behind manipulating Orochi is still a big question. One thing is sure that the man has the Copy Copy Fruit power is the main culprit. Apart from that, White Beard & Roger is on the same island. Now, what will happen between them let us start OP Chapter 966 chapter discussion.

One Piece Chapter 966 Spoiler Discussion 

One thing is sure that Oden and Roger will face each other in this chapter. As Roger said, “This may well be the last time we see each other Whitebeard” does this mean its time he might get caught by the Marine.

Before that, we will finally see Oden being a part of Roger’s crew. Will Roger ask for the fight or will Oden who will choose to go to Roger? To know that we will have to wait for the chapter to get release.

One thing is sure that we will get to know the relation between White Beard and Roger. Kaido who is still missing from the story might soon be seen in Chapter 967. We might see the relation between Kaido and Oden soon.

One Piece Chapter 966 Release Date

The good news is that the chapter is not delayed. Which means the chapter will get release on 20th Dec 2019. If you want to know more about the chapter or the RAW Scan follow us back.

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