One Piece Chapter 964 Release Date, Spoiler & More


One Piece Chapter 964

After reading One Piece Chapter 963, we got to know about how he met Whitebeard & his crew. It seems that Whitebeard accidentally got in the Wano. Also, we saw how Oden comes rushing to them and ask Whitebeard to join their Ship. So, this is what brings us here where we will discuss One Piece Chapter 964 and see what we can expect here.

Before we start the discussion, I believe that Oden did had a Haki. We are yet to find what exactly that is. If you know about this, then you can explain to us.

One Piece Chapter 964 Expected Spoiler & Discussion

I guess everyone might have this thought that the Wano Arc is really getting lengthy. But who would have expected that we might see Odens Journey as a Pirate? So, it is clear that he first joined the Whitebeard Pirate. Which means, we might see his journey being division commander of Whitebeard Pirate.

It would really be great if we could see his journey being Roger Pirate member. We are not exactly sure if we could read about his entire journey. But, might know more about his life as a Whitebeard’s division commander.

Sooner, we might see more about what happen between Kaido & Oden. How he acquired the Wano will soon be known to us. Actually, we are quite excited to read and see the fight between Kaido & Oden.

One Piece Chapter 964 Release Date

Now, One Piece Chapter 964 has really become interesting. So, everyone prays that there is no delay. So, it is in our favor. You can read One Piece Manga 964 on 29th Nov, next week.

We might see a delay in One Piece Chapter during December. But, which chapter might be affected is not yet known. But, we wish that we do not see any delay. So share your though on

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