One Piece Chapter 962 Spoiler & Release Date – Oden Meets Orochi


One Piece Chapter 962
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After 2 long chapters, here we are now getting the connection on how Oden made his name. After reading the One Piece Chapter 961, things have got more clear now. After Oden killed the Mountain God and saved Wano people, he started getting some respect. One Piece Chapter 962 is an upcoming chapter & on this chapter, we will get to know about Orochi & Oden’s connection. So, here we are discussing what we can see on One Piece Manga Chapter 962. Also, know the release date of this chapter here.

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One Piece Chapter 962 Spoiler

One thing is clear that Orochi was an adopted child by Oden’s Uncle, Yasuie. Also, we believe that Yasuie also plays an important role in the Wano Arc. On the other hand, we also believe that Oden’s Father is behind all this.

In One Piece 962’s chapter, we might get to see how Orochi becomes Oden’s disciple and how exactly he influenced everyone to be samurai. Also, at the age of 18, how Oden slashed the mountain size Bore, we can imagine how powerful he was.

Not only that, but we also believe that in this chapter we will be introduced to more known characters from the past. By the end of chapter 961, we saw the text that says “The Relationship Begins here” which is a test of Orochi’s and Oden’s relationship. We might have to wait for the chapter to release to get more idea on how Oden influenced others.

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One Piece Chapter 962 Release Date

There’s bad news for those who are waiting for One Piece Manga Chapter 962 to release this week. That’s because the Chapter is going to take a break for Next week. Which means, One Piece Chapter 962 Release date is 14th Nov 2019. (

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