One Piece Chapter 961 Spoiler & Release Date – Oden’s Past Starts


One Piece Chapter 961

In One Piece Chapter 960, we got to know about a lot of new characters from the past. Also, more about Oden. It seems like Oden really had a bad past. He does seem to be a good child. In fact, he is one of the most troublesome child of Flower capital. Now, during the fight between Denjiro and Kinemo, we see that Oden is taking the advantage to take the Boar. On the other hand, Oden’s Father and Shogun of Wano, Sukiyaki is quite upset with his son. So, here we are to share your One Piece Chapter 961 Spoiler & Release date.

One Piece Chapter 961 Spoiler

The first thing that we will see is how Oden will fight with Kinemo to get the Boar. But what’s more to know is how the spoiled brad got so popular & one of the loved people. On the other hand, we will also see How Oden got to inspire the Samurais.

There is no doubt that Oden was powerful & had everything he wanted in his life. On the other hand what exactly is Gods of the Mountain will also be known. We are sure that there is more that we will have to know about Oden.

But, will it be completed in just one chapter? That’s not what it looks like. We believe that it might take a few chapters that will describe Oden and his life. Not only that, we also believe that Kaido does have a big role here.

So what do you think will happen in One Piece Chapter 961? Do share your thought in the comment below.

One Piece Chapter 961 Release Date & RAW scan

As of no we haven’t heard about the chapter to get delayed. Which means, One Piece Chapter 961 will release on 1st Nov 2019. But, in any case, if there is a y update in the schedule, we will inform you here.

If you are waiting for the RAW scan, then you will have to wait till 30th Oct, because by that time you can have a look at OP CHapter 961 Raw.

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