One Piece Chapter 957 Spoiler & Release Date – The Biggest Battle Is About To Come


One Piece Chapter 957 Spoiler, Releas Date

One Piece last chapter, 956 was full of surprises & suspense. In this chapter, we got to know about the Pirate X Drake who is actually a Marine’s Secret Special Forces Captain. Sabo who came all of a sudden in this Arc & the new about him still suspense. On the other hand, Graps plan is still unknown. Not only that, the 3rd Part of the Wano Arc will take place in One Pice Chapter 957. So what exactly are we expecting in this chapter? To know more about it, read our One Piece Chapter 957 Spoiler and release date.

One Piece Chapter 957 Spoiler

One thing that’s sure that Sabo’s news that everyone was reading is meant to be secret. But we believe that we might get to see more about X Drake. Whereas, Monkey D. Dragon seems to join the Wano Arc too. Sabo’s and D. Dragon’s present is clearly hinted in chapter 956.

Everyone in the community is discussing Sabo’s death. But I don’t believe that could be the case. In fact, I believe that Sabo could have either surrendred or might join the Marin. As per the surprises that we are getting can be the case with Sabo. We are not sure, if we get to know about Sabo’s news in Chapter 957, but are quite confident that we might get some hint about it.

Also, what will Luffy get into now, is a big question? There no doubt that Chapter 957 will take the Wano Arc to the next level. All we can do is wait unlit the official chapter is out.

One Piece Chapter 957 Release Date

For those who are waiting for the Un-Official Copy can read One Piece Manga 957 on 27th Sept. But, if you are one of those who want the English copy, then you will have to wait till 30th Sept. In case, there is any update in the schedule, we might update you here.

Point to Discuss:

Is Sabo Really Dead?

Now, the new we heard about Sabo is really incomplete. In the entire chapter, nobody talked about his death. The only thing we saw was people reaction to the news. This brings the point of discussion. So, if you have anything to say about this, let us know your thought.

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