One Piece Chapter 950 – Luffy Developed An Advance Version Of Kenbunshoku Haki


One Piece Chapter 950

After the amazing One Piece Chapter 949, the excitement for Chapter 950 is more. Luffy has become a rebel in the Wano Kingdom and Udon has been captured. Seeing how Lord Babuni was killing the prisoners from the virus gun, Luffy became furious and killed him. On the other hand, we were expecting to see the power of the Read Sheath, but Luffy took the lead. This is sure that Luffy and others are quite serious to kill Kaido. Also, this brings a lot of attention in the One Piece Wano Arc. Hence, we are here to discuss One Piece Chapter 950 Spoiler and will also see its release date.

One Piece Chapter 950 Spoiler

if you have read the chapter clearly, then you might have read Luffy’s word “Got glims of a very bad future“. This is a clear indication that Luffy has finally awakened his power to see the future. But it looks much better than Katakuri’s.

Now, the Read Sheath and Luyffy are heading toward Kaido’s place. Also, in the last spoiler, we got to know that we might see the tale of Ace in the Wano Kingdom. This brings us a lot of excitement about what will happen in this chapter. We expect that One Piece Manga chapter 950 might showcase Ace’s past in Wano.

This might definitely bring back some memory and will give a clear idea about it. Till the time we get any final confirmation in this chapter, let us know your thought in the comment below. Do you think that we will see Ace’s past? Or Will we see what’s happening with members of the Straw Hat pirates?

One Piece Chapter 950 Release Date

As of now, there is no update on the delay for this chapter. Which means One Piece Manage chapter 950 release date is set to 26th July 2019. If there is any change in the plan we will update you here. Till that time, share your opinion on OP Chapter 950.

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