One Piece Chapter 931 Release date, Spoiler Raw


Finally, we see Big Mom in One Piece Chapter 930, but by the end we see her getting drowned in the sea. There is a lot of rumors going around that Big Mom could be one reason for Luffy Escape, which seems to be true. Also, it got clear that Big Mom is there for Luffy and Zeus. One Piece Chapter 931 will another episode showing Sanji vs X Drake.

One PIece chapter 931

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Let’s go ahead and see what we can expect from One Piece Chapter 930. Before you read this article, let us tell us that this might contain spoiler. Feel free to read this post and share your thoughts.

One Piece Chapter 931 Spoiler

It is clear that we will see Sanji’s fight with X Drake and it is going to be intense. There is a huge possibility of Hawkins might soon appear in the battle, where we will see Law joining. On the other hand, we will also see glims of what’s going on in the prison. Luffy has already made a plan for an escape and we might see its initiation in this chapter.

Whereas Big Mom is a concern, we will definitely see her comeback and this is where a huge battle will start. On the other hand, Zoro is at Ebisu and his purpose will have reveled soon.

We should not miss King and there is a huge possibility that we will see King fighting with the Big Mom pirate. There is no doubt that the next few chapters are going to be exciting. We might finally see Luffy’s escape plan, Sanji’s fight with XDrake and Zoro’s plan. All we have to do is wait for the chapter to get its release.

One Piece Chapter 931 RAW

One Piece Raw Scan will be out a day before the chapter release. We will update you about the RAW spoiler once we get access to it.

One Piece Chapter 931 Release Date

Again, One Piece chapter is delayed. One Piece chapter 931 has been delayed for a week and will get its release on 31 January 2019. We will keep you updating about the chapter once we get the official update.