One Piece Chapter 930 – Release Date and Spoiler


One Piece Manga is really getting unpredictable and it seems that Oda is planning on building characters. According to our discussion, it is expected that One Piece Wano Arc is going to take some time. First, the character buildup will happen and then Luffy’s escape. One Piece Chapter 930 is expected to release soon and we might see some more characters in this chapter.

One Piece Chapter 930

By the end of Chapter 929, we saw X Drake, Page One and Hawkins to kill Sanji and Law. This ensures that One Piece Chapter 930 is going to be interesting. But will we see the fight between the Soba Merchant and the Flying Fighters? Let’s see what we can expect in One Piece Chapter 930.

One Piece Chapter 930 Spoiler

There is a huge opportunity that we might see Sanki, Law and other fighting the Flying Fighters. It is also been clear that Sanji already knew about X Drake. Does that mean that there is some connection between Sanji and Drake?

The relation between Sanji and X Drake will be known in One Piece Chapter 930. Apart from this, we might also see Hawkins getting in a fight with Law. We also saw Zoro on his way to Orochi’s place. This also gives a hint that we might see Zoro fighting against Orochi.

Some says we might see some activity from the alliance force. Also, we might get to see some more characters in the Wano prison. Apart from this, It also becomes clear that Orochi is at another level than Kaido. To Know what exactly going to happen, we will have to wait until One Piece Chapter 930 get released.

One Piece Chapter 930 RAW

The First RAW scan for One Piece Chapter 930 is out. Here is the first RAW scan. We might update you once we get more update.

One Piece Chapyer 930 RAW Scan

One Piece Chapter 930 Release Date

It was expected that there might be a break after One Piece Chapter 929, but it seems not. One Piece Manga Chapter 930 will get its release on 14th January 2019. If there is any change in the schedule, we might update you here.