One Piece Chapter 927 Release Date & Expectation


Manga Chapter: One Piece Chapter 927

Release Date: 7 December 2018

One Piece chapter 927 will arrive soon & and as expected we see how Luffy and Kid fight against the Beast Pirate. It was really surprising for the Beast Pirate to see them fight even with the Sea Stone on. Looking at both Luffy & Kid it looks clear that both of them might have some plan to escape.

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One Piece Chapter 927 Raw

By the end of the chapter, there was a small glimpse of someone watching all of this from his prison. However there’s no confirmation yet, but the “prison guy” can be Luffy’s new Teacher. The One Piece chapter is getting interesting & what we are waiting for is Big Mom.

Luffy Manga 927
Unknown Character – Expected to be Luffy’s New Teacher

In this post, we are going to share with you our expectation on One Piece Chapter 927. If you have anything to share, you can put in the comment below.

One Piece Chapter 927 Prediction

Note: This is not an official Spoiler. This is just a part of One Piece Chapter 927 Discussion. Join the discussion to add some value. 

We saw Nami talking about visiting the place where weapons are kept, whereas Luffy & Kid are already there. This gives a hint of Luffy’s escape along with him Kid and the prison guy.

On the other hand, Luffy & Kid are the only hope for the Prisons, which means some rebellion moment is expected. Apart from this, the Samurais are all pumped up for the war that indicated the revolution moment is about to start.

Zoro is yet to be seen & his appearance is expected in One Piece Manga 927. There is no hint given, hence predicting anything soon will not help. To know more about the chapter, we have to wait for the RAW scan & its Offical Release date.

One Piece Chapter 927 Release Date

The good thing is that there is no delay in the release of One Piece chapter 927. OP manga 927 will get a release on 7th December 2018. If there is any change in the schedule, we will update you here,

Before the final version, we can expect to see the RAW scan by 6th Of December 2018. If you want to get news about One Piece chapter 927 Raw scan, visit back to us.

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