One Piece Chapter 926 Discussion – An Insane Wano’s Arc 2


For One Piece fans, Chapter 925 is the most crucial & this chapter will bring a new Wano Arc. If you haven’t seen the chapter, then you can check One Piece Chapter 925 Raw & English that we spoiled on 22nd November.
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After reading One Piece Manga 925, it becomes clear that the Wano Arc is going to be insane. If we talk about One Piece chapter 926, there is a lot that we have to discuss with you. We might see some old enemies coming to the Wano & Luffy, on the other hand, will be training under a new teacher is yet to happen.
One Piece Chapter 926

To make things easy, let’s have a healthy discussion about One Piece Chapter 926.

One Piece Chapter 926 Discussion

In the last chapter of One Piece, we saw a lot of known faces & we are expecting them to come to Wano. We have finally seen Ashura & Kiku & we are expecting Ashura helping them to rescue Luffy.

Meanwhile, we also saw lady Devon, Moriah & we believe that they will play an important role in Wano Arc. It was surprising to see was Dracule Mihawk in this chapter, which also brings us to discuss his presence in Wano Arc 2. This mean, we might see Zoro and Mihawk fighting together with the Beast pirate.

We also got a clear hint of Big Mom’s appearance in Wano, which is another bad news for Luffy his crew member. This ensures the Wano Arc Part 2 to be the most insane Arc of the entire One Piece Manga Series.

So, what do you think about Luffy? Will he be rescued from the prison along with Kid & Scopper? Let us know your thought on this One Piece chapter 926.

One Piece Chapter 926 Release date:

Talking about the One Piece chapter 926 release it is expected to release by 30th November, if not delayed.

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