One Piece Chapter 925 Spoiler Update


One Piece chapter 925 Spoiler

Check: One Piece Chapter 925 Official Spoiler

If you are not aware if One Piece Chapter 925 release date, then you should know that it is delayed till next week. We were actually waiting to get out hands on the spoiler, 7 we finally have it here. In this Article, we are going to talk about a new Tech in Wano country who will teach Luffy a new technique.

Spoiler Alert!

Before we talk about the spoiler, let’s discuss Luffy & Kaido’s power. As seen in Chapter 924, it became obvious that Luffy has no change to defeat Kaido as there is a huge gap between their power. This becomes obvious that Luffy will have to gain a new power or a new gear to defeat Kaido.

He only has 2 way left & that is to learn to use Conqueror Haki or develop a new Gear to enhance his power. To enhance his power we will see Luffy’s new teacher in this chapter.

According to the spoiler, the new teaching is none other than Scopper Gaban, one of the members of legendary Roger Pirates. If you remember about the suspicious man behind the bars, which is no one but Scopper. Apart from this, there is no confirmed detail shared about chapter 925, but we are sure that we will get to know about it soon.

Some say that he will teach him to use 5th gear, but that does not seem enough to defeat Kaido. We believe that Scopper will teach him to use Conqueror Haki rather than 5th Gear & we believe that Luffy will develop the 5th Gear by himself.

For now, the only thing that has been confirmed for now is that we will be seeing Luffy’s new teacher in One Piece Chapter 925. The official spoiler will release between 20th & 21st November 2018, hence stay tunes here to get a regular update on Anime.