One Piece Chapter 925 Delayed Till Next Week

One Piece Chapter 925
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After seeing One Piece last chapter there is a small hint of Luffy & Kid’s alliance. It seems that Kaido has betrayed Kid & put him behind the bars. Talking about Luffy, is handcuffed & going towards Kaido’s prison. This clearly shows a huge possibility fo Luffy meeting Kid.

Now, everyone is excited to see One Piece Chapter 925, but there is a small update in the release date for Chapter 925. According to the update, One Piece chapter 925 will release next week on 22nd November 2018. This is obviously a bad news for the One Piece fans, but the team is going on a break for this week.

What Can We Expect from One Piece Chapter 925?

In this Chapter, we are expecting to see Luffy meets Kid and making an Alliance to kill Kaido. It looks that Kid is quite angry at Kaido for putting him behind the bars. We will also get to know more about Kid current situation.

This is the first time in the One Piece history where we see Luffy getting beaten up so brutally. Looking at the One Piece Series flow, we have seen Luffy developing his Haki everytime he fights a stronger opponent. This also brings us to notice that Luffy will be developing his stronger Haki so that he can defeat Kaido.

One thing that is sure that with Kid & Luffy’s Conqueror Haki, they become the only person who is capable to defeat Kaido & hence their alliance will be the most epic alliance in the series. It is also said that Luffy will lear the way to activate Conqueror Haki consciously this time.

In this upcoming episode, we will also see a completely new plan from Luffy & others & also will get to know more about the activity to gather the alliance. It is also confirmed that Chapter 925 is the beginning of Wano Arc part 2.

We are yet to get the confirmed Spoiler for One Piece Chapter 925, which will release 3-4 days prior to the chapter release. Till that time, you can check our portal for other Anime related updates.