One Piece Chapter 925 Confirmed Spoiler

One Piece Chapter 925 Release Date, Spoiler
One Piece Chapter 925 Release Date, Spoiler

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It was already known to us that One Piece chapter 925 will be delayed & we have to wait until 25th November 2018. Now talking about Chapter 925, we already know that Luffy is going to meet a new teacher, Scopper Gaban. Apart from this, the 2nd Arc of Wano will start from this chapter.

In the last chapter, we saw Luffy getting imprisoned so that Kaido to torcher him to be his subordinate. This is something similar to the Big-Mom’ arc where she wanted to take his soul.

In this Article, we are going to give you some more highlight on the spoiler. In the previous spoiler, it was confirmed that Luffy will get a new teacher, but apart from there, nothing was made official. Now, let’s begin with our 2nd part spoiler for One Piece chapter 925.

One Piece Chapter 925 Spoiler:

In this chapter, we will see how the Straw Hat crew members will know about Luffy. Now, there is a slight change in the plan. All the Straw Hat members will make a plan to rescue him from the prison. We will finally see Usopp, Zoro, Franky & Robin appear in this chapter for Luffy’s rescue.

Zoro and others will take Law’s to lead them to the prison. With Law’s ability, it will be easy for them to rescue Luffy. Apart from this, we will also see Ashura Doji & Killer appearance in this chapter. We will see how Straw Hat crew give all their effort to rescue Luffy along with Kid & Scopper.

Along with this, we will also get to know some detail on the alliance & we will see Luffy’s training to activate his Haki.

One Piece Chapter 925 Release Date:

Talking about One Piece chapter 925, which was delayed for a week will release on 25th November 2018. If you have anything to ask related to this chapter, feel free to ask in the comment below.

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