One Piece Chapter 924 – Confirmed Release Date & Our Expectation


One PIece Chapter 924

Chapter: One Piece Chapter 924

Release Date: 9 November 2018

Status: Aired

One Piece Chapter 923 is out & as expected we saw the furious Luffy fighting against Kaido. During the initial battle of the Manga, we thought as if Luffy was Luffy was overpowering Kaido, but the last scene of the chapter changed everything.

It was so unexpected to see Luffy get knocked out with just one attack & with this is what makes the upcoming chapter 924 worth waiting for. Seeing Luffy on the floor, knocked out it is obvious that his plan to get Kaido down has failed. ( Also now everyone is eager to know what’s next.

There is no spoiler out yet, but we believe that the next episode will be more interesting to watch. In this Article, we are going to see our expectation on One Piece Chapter 924. If you have anything to discuss, please add it in the comment below.

Our Expectation: 

It is confirmed that the fight between Luffy & Kaido will take place after few chapters. There is no doubt that Luffy has any chance to stand in front of Kaido. Seeing how Luffy informs Law about his location, it becomes clear that we will be seeing Law escape talking Luffy along with him.

This makes it clear that the reunion of Alliance will take place soon & also we will be seeing Kaido & his crew searching for Luffy & other in the town. One thing is clear that Luffy is upset and angry to know about Tama’s death, which means that he will soon appear in the chapter.

We believe that this chapter will be about how everyone retreats from Kaido & find a safe place to hide. This also ensures that there will be a change in the plan. We are not sure if we could see the Alliance appear in chapter 924, but it is sure that we will get to know about it.

Release Date:

The Only thing that is confirmed about One Piece Chapter is its release date. This chapter will release on the 9th Of November next week. There is no change in the schedule yet & if there is any we will update you about it here.

We are sure that in a couple of days we could also get the Spoiler update out.

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