One Piece Chapter 924 – Official Spoiler Update


Update: The chapter is aired on 11 November 2018

Finally, we have our hands on the official Spoiler for One Piece chapter 924. According to our prediction, we were supposed to see Law escaping with Luffy, but this has got partially correct. Law does come for Luffy’s escape but fall for a trap made by Hawkins.

In this Article, we are going to see the Offical Spoiler for One Piece Chapter 924. If you are not of those who like spoilers, then you can read more about Anime in here.

One Piece Chapter 924 Spoiler:

As expected by us, Law comes for Luffy’s rescue but fails after he gets hit by a nail made of sea stone. With this sea stone nail attack, Law gets stuck but somehow manages to escape.

While Luffy is Knocked out he still glares in anger at Kaido. Kaido then orders his crew members to tie him up & lock him in prison. While his crew is near him, Luffy releases Haoshoku Haki making everyone unconscious. This is will be the 2nd time we see Luffy using this Haki subconsciously.

After Luffy is put in prison, we see Kaido flies off to the Sky & then another seen of Law stuck with the Seas Stone. Later we see the Okobore town where everyone is wounded and Tsuru attempting to heal them. We also see Tama who is brutally injured.

Talking about the Straw Hat crew, we see all of them safe inside a pit hole created by ShinobuJuku Juku Bewitching Jutsu“. Later we see Ussop, Franky & Robin in the Wano Country reading a paper distributed everywhere.

By the end of the chapter, we finally see Luffy in a dark prison & we also see samurai working as slaves. In that prison, we see a guard visiting a cell with poisonous fish as a food offering. As the food is offered to Luffy we see how he throws the bone to flying & stabs the guard neck making him collapse. The end part of the chapter will revels Luffy escaping the prison with the children.

One Piece chapter 924 will release tomorrow, 9 November 2018 giving a hint of the reunion of the alliance. With this episode, we will get more information about chapter 925.