One Piece Chapter 923 – Release Date & Our Expectation


One piece chapter 923

Chapter: One Piece Chapter 923

Release Date: Expected by 2nd  November

Status: Aired

One Piece Chapter 923 is out already & the Raw version was out a few days back & it was clear that Luffy will attack Kaido. It was also clear that Kaido will come in the drunken state & destroying Okobore.

The reason why Luffy goes after Kaido because of his attachment with the Okobore people. But, Basil Hawkins manipulates Kaido by letting him know that Luffy & Law are hiding at Oden Castel, which makes him furious to attack the Oden castle.

Seeing this Luffy gets angry and punches him with his Elephant Gun punch. This makes it clear that in the next chapter we will see Luffy & Law fighting against Kaido, but there are some other possibilities that we expect to see in this chapter. Let’s discuss what we can see in this chapter.

Our Expectation: 

Before we talk about Luffy fighting Kaiso, one thing that we are more concern about is Luffy’s crew members. It is obvious that we will not see Straw Hats member dying so soon & hence we believe that them all might be safe by Momonosuke.

Why Momonosuke? The one simple reason behind this is because he is also a dragon. There might be a possibility that he might develop into a full sized Dragon to protect the Straw Hat members & others. We are not sure how true our expectation be, but that is one of the possibility we can expect.

Now talking about Luffy, he will break into emotions seeing his members death & will attack Kaido. We might also see Law in action helping Luffy for the fight. On the other hand, we are also expecting to see the Alliance to join forces with Straw Hat & Heart Pirates.

Release Date: 

There is no official confirmation the release date of One Piece Chapter 923, but we are expecting it to release by 2nd  November. There is no announcement made on the delay, which means we can expect the chapter to release next week itself.

We are also open to hearing your thoughts on One Piece Chapter 923.